Ritz Beauty Academy’scurriculum includes classroom instruction and the opportunity to achieve proficiencies with hands on experiences.

All areas of study will be evaluated by written, oral, and practical examinations with a score of 879% or above.

Cosmetology/Hair Design

Required Course Hours 1500 Hours and minimum of 9 months

This course is designed to build a strong solid foundation in all professional aspects of Cosmetology. Ritz Beauty Academy will educate students in both the theory and practical skills necessary to meet licensing requirements leading to employment or a career in hair design.

Areas of Study

  • Theory: 50 hrs
  • Theory of Permanent Waving
  • Theory of Hair Coloring
  • Theory of Hair and Scalp Treatments and Conditioning
  • Theory of Hair Cutting
  • Theory of Shampooing
  • Theory of Hairdressing (including braiding)
After completing 250 hours theory, the students now progress to clinic floor to perform Cosmetology services on customers. Students need to practice the remaining 1,250-hour instructions as the following:

Areas of Study

  • Theory
  • Social Skill, Reception or Desk Work, Art and Ethics, State Rule and Regulations and Laws
  • Laboratory
  • Hairdressing, Shampoo and Comb-out
  • Hair Cutting and Shaping
  • Permanent Waving
  • Chemical Hair Relaxing
  • Hair Coloring and Hair Lightening
  • Scalp and Hair Treatment (including braiding)
  • Facial Treatment, Make-up
  • Hair Removal

Manicuring/Nail Design

Required Course Hours 525 Hours min 4 months

This course is designed to build a strong and solid foundation in the professional practice of Nail technology. Ritz Beauty Academy will provide courses in both theory and practical skills necessary to meet licensing requirements leading to employment as a Nail Technician.

Areas of Study

  • Theory of Sanitation, Safety, Nail Disorders and Diseases
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Artificial Nails
  • Nail Arts and Ethics
  • Related Subjects
  • Advanced Techniques

Includes on the job training

After completing all of the nail tech course requirements, students must successfully pass a written competency exam and lab test to be eligible to apply for a state license before obtaining employment.

Nail technicians are in high demand in salons, day spas, nail salons, hotel and resort spas, health club spas and cruise ship spas. There are also many opportunities in sales and education with product companies and beauty product distributors. You may wish to open your own nail salon or create your own nail product company. Some nail techs even work with celebrities and models, providing nail care, design and enhancement for photo shoots, films, fashion shows and red carpet appearances!

Pay and Job Outlook

According to an August 2009 survey by, the average starting salary for a nail tech is between $7.86 an hour and $9.17 an hour. After a year of experience, nail technicians are reporting earnings of between $8.07 and $12.67 an hour or up to $26,312 a year. Those with at least 5 years of experience are earning up to $13.48 an hour, and after 10 years on the job, nail technicians can expect to earn up to $22.50 an hour or nearly $47,000 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the nail technician industry are expected to grow by about 28 percent through the year 2016.

Cosmetology Instructor - 750 Hours

This course is designed for cosmetologists who wish to further their education. Students will be trained in the practices needed to become a Cosmetology Instructor. Opportunities for hands on in the classrooms and salon-like clinic will be given. Students will Conduct Professional Practice in Student Training, Salon Management, Lesson Preparation, Demonstration, Lecture, and Teaching Techniques.

Our Program will provide skills needed to conduct practical and theory class with confidence.

Areas of Study

  • Teaching Techniques relating to Cosmetology
  • Student Training
  • Professional Practices
  • Salon Management

Makeup Artistry 200 Hours

Makeup Artistry Courses are offered to individuals interested in pursuing a career as a Professional Makeup Artist. Our courses range from an introduction level through advanced artistry. Whether you are seeking to expand your career in a new direction or starting a career in makeup, our courses are designed prepare our students to surpass others in the Makeup field of study.

Areas of Study

  • Self application for personal use
  • Color Theory
  • Brow Shaping & Design
  • Beauty and corrective makeup
  • False Eyelash Application
  • Corrective contouring
  • Custom Blending Foundation
  • Tools Identification & Sanitation
This course consist of short lectures, live demonstrations. Students receive theory and practical hands on application. Certificate given upon completion.